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Wildland Fire Management Strategy and Effectiveness

Edited by Erin J. Belval, Karen C. Short, Matthew P. Thompson, Jesse Young

This special collection will include papers addressing various aspects of wildland fire management strategy and effectiveness, including but not limited to planning, fuels management, incident response, risk analysis, decision support, monitoring, and performance. We encourage other researchers from around the globe to submit papers related to these topics.

  1. Maximizing the effectiveness of fuel treatments at landscape scales is a key research and management need given the inability to treat all areas at risk from wildfire. We synthesized information from case stud...

    Authors: Alexandra K. Urza, Brice B. Hanberry and Theresa B. Jain
    Citation: Fire Ecology 2023 19:1
  2. Wildland fires are fundamentally landscape phenomena, making it imperative to evaluate wildland fire strategic goals and fuel treatment effectiveness at large spatial and temporal scales. Outside of simulation...

    Authors: Sharon M. Hood, J. Morgan Varner, Theresa B. Jain and Jeffrey M. Kane
    Citation: Fire Ecology 2022 18:33
  3. The PODs (potential operational delineations) concept is an adaptive framework for cross-boundary and collaborative land and fire management planning. Use of PODs is increasingly recognized as a best practice,...

    Authors: Matthew P. Thompson, Christopher D. O’Connor, Benjamin M. Gannon, Michael D. Caggiano, Christopher J. Dunn, Courtney A. Schultz, David E. Calkin, Bradley Pietruszka, S. Michelle Greiner, Richard Stratton and Jeffrey T. Morisette
    Citation: Fire Ecology 2022 18:17