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Flexible/Stretchable Electronics

Edited by Joey Mead, Samuel Kenig, Hanna Dodiuk

Flexible and stretchable electronics is an emerging field of great interest for wearable computing devices, sensors, soft robotics, flexible antennas, etc. The collection in Functional Composite Materials features new developments in composite materials for substrates, conductive printable inks, conductive stretchable or flexible materials systems, manufacturing processes, design, modeling and materials properties (mechanical and electrical). 

  1. The mechanical behavior of braided carbon nanotube yarns (CNTYs) on an elastomeric core to produce stretchable conductive materials were theoretically modeled and experimentally studied under tension. The elas...

    Authors: Avia J. Bar, Joey Mead, Hanna Dodiuk and Samuel Kenig
    Citation: Functional Composite Materials 2022 3:4