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Futures of learning and emergent issues in education

Futures of learning

As we move further into the 21st century, we need to renew our understanding of what it means to learn, teach, and develop new knowledge. Education systems and learning processes for people of all ages are needed to navigate uncertainty, address known problems, identify new ones, and be able to detect and make the sense of emergent issues and opportunities. The roles of education and learning are also becoming more essential in solving the pressing global ecological, cultural, societal and economic challenges. One pathway for renewal is the development of futures learning at all levels of education and in wider society.
These developments call for a topical collection of the European Journal for Futures Research to take a closer look at the futures of learning.

Guest editors: Maija Mäki & Ville Lauttamäki, University of Turku, Finland Futures Research Centre

  1. In Industry-Academia Collaborations (IAC) both academic, scientific research results and industrial practitioner findings and experiences are produced. Both types of knowledge should be gathered, codified, and...

    Authors: Petri Kettunen, Janne Järvinen, Tommi Mikkonen and Tomi Männistö
    Citation: European Journal of Futures Research 2022 10:8
  2. Modern technology has had and continues to have various impacts on societies and human life in general. While technology in some ways defines the ‘digital age’ of today, discourses of ‘technological progress’ ...

    Authors: Tapio Rasa and Antti Laherto
    Citation: European Journal of Futures Research 2022 10:4