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The Future of Work

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Markus Pausch

  1. Content type: Original Article

    Modes of organising have an indirect relationship with the new key technologies as enablers of new forms of organisation. The effect is two-fold: first the emergent technologies bring more efficiency to tradit...

    Authors: Sofi Kurki and Markku Wilenius

    Citation: European Journal of Futures Research 2016 4:23

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Original Article

    The article discusses possible futures of self-organising peer-to-peer work through four transformative scenarios constructed in the Neo-Carbon Energy research project. These futures images probe the futures o...

    Authors: Juho Ruotsalainen, Sirkka Heinonen, Joni Karjalainen and Marjukka Parkkinen

    Citation: European Journal of Futures Research 2016 4:10

    Published on: