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Survey on theories, applications and services for future IT

This thematic series publishes high quality articles which cover the various theories and practical application related to human-centric computing and information sciences.  Published manuscripts present results of significant value to solve the various challenges faced with application services. This will be done with the hope to trigger further related research and technological improvements relevant to our future lives.   Published work focuses on surveying of theories, applications, and services for future information technology (IT) including Internet of Things, Cloud, Big-data, 5G, advanced IT security, block-chain, vehicular computing, smart devices, social networks, social media etc. 

Edited by:

Young-Sik Jeong, Dongguk University, Korea
Yi Pan, Georgia State University, USA

  1. Research and education through computer simulation has been actively conducted in various scientific and engineering fields including computational science engineering. Accordingly, there have been a lot of at...

    Authors: Young-Kyoon Suh and Ki Yong Lee
    Citation: Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences 2018 8:27
  2. The characteristics of the massive social media data, diverse mobile sensing devices as well as the highly complex and dynamic user’s social behavioral patterns have led to the generation of huge amounts of hi...

    Authors: Fei Hao, Doo-Soon Park and Zheng Pei
    Citation: Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences 2018 8:8