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Gender differences in survival across the ages of life

  1. Data quality issues have hindered the analysis of the determinants of stillbirths in the years following Italian unification. By exploiting panel data techniques to take into account the possible effect of sti...

    Authors: Gabriele Ruiu, Lucia Pozzi, Michail Raftakis and Marco Breschi
    Citation: Genus 2022 78:25
  2. In this commentary, we bring together knowledge on sex-differences in excess death during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, one of the most hit European countries. We zoom into Italian regions ...

    Authors: Silvia Rizzi, Cosmo Strozza and Virginia Zarulli
    Citation: Genus 2022 78:24
  3. In Italy, at least in the cohorts born up to the beginning of the twentieth century, women’s mortality in post-reproductive ages was influenced by fertility, with large progenies (and, to a lesser extent, chil...

    Authors: Gianbattista Salinari, Gustavo De Santis, Virginia Zarulli, Cristina Giuliani, Claudio Franceschi and Marco Breschi
    Citation: Genus 2022 78:19