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BDS/GNSS high-precision products: strategies, services, and applications

  1. To meet the demands for the data combination with multiple space geodetic techniques at the observation level, we developed a new software platform with high extensibility and computation efficiency, named spa...

    Authors: Chuang Shi, Shiwei Guo, Lei Fan, Shengfeng Gu, Xinqi Fang, Linghao Zhou, Tao Zhang, Zhen Li, Min Li, Wenwen Li, Cheng Wang and Yidong Lou
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2023 4:18
  2. Over the past years the International Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Monitoring and Assessment System (iGMAS) Wuhan Innovation Application Center (IAC) dedicated to exploring the potential of multi-...

    Authors: Xingxing Li, Qingyun Wang, Jiaqi Wu, Yongqiang Yuan, Yun Xiong, Xuewen Gong and Zhilu Wu
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2022 3:20
  3. Since the first pair of BeiDou satellites was deployed in 2000, China has made continuous efforts to establish its own independent BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) to provide the regional radio determi...

    Authors: Qile Zhao, Jing Guo, Chen Wang, Yifei Lyu, Xiaolong Xu, Chao Yang and Junqiang Li
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2022 3:2
  4. Ionospheric irregularities can adversely affect the performance of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). However, this opens the possibility of using GNSS as an effective ionospheric remote sensing tool. ...

    Authors: YuXiang Peng, Wayne A Scales, Michael D Hartinger, Zhonghua Xu and Shane Coyle
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2021 2:14