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  1. Stable and reliable high-precision satellite orbit products are the prerequisites for the positioning services with high performance. In general, the positioning accuracy depends strongly on the quality of sat...

    Authors: Yidong Lou, Xiaolei Dai, Xiaopeng Gong, Chenglong Li, Yun Qing, Yang Liu, Yaquan Peng and Shengfeng Gu
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2022 3:15
  2. With the high-precision products of satellite orbit and clock, uncalibrated phase delay, and the atmosphere delay corrections, Precise Point Positioning (PPP) based on a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) network is po...

    Authors: Pan Li, Bobin Cui, Jiahuan Hu, Xuexi Liu, Xiaohong Zhang, Maorong Ge and Harald Schuh
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2022 3:10
  3. PPP-RTK which takes full advantages of both Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP), is able to provide centimeter-level positioning accuracy with rapid integer Ambiguity Resolution (AR)....

    Authors: Xingxing Li, Bo Wang, Xin Li, Jiaxin Huang, Hongbo Lyu and Xinjuan Han
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2022 3:7
  4. Real-Time Kinematic Precise Point Positioning (PPP–RTK) is inextricably linked to external ionospheric information. The PPP–RTK performances vary much with the accuracy of ionospheric information, which is der...

    Authors: Xiaohong Zhang, Xiaodong Ren, Jun Chen, Xiang Zuo, Dengkui Mei and Wanke Liu
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2022 3:6
  5. Within the framework of differential augmentation, this paper introduces the basic technical framework and performance of the BeiDou Global Navigation Satellite System (BDS-3) Satellite-Based Augmentation Syst...

    Authors: Yuanxi Yang, Qun Ding, Weiguang Gao, Jinlong Li, Yangyin Xu and Bijiao Sun
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2022 3:5
  6. The Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technique uses a single Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver to collect carrier-phase and code observations and perform centimeter-accuracy positioning togethe...

    Authors: Qile Zhao, Jing Guo, Sijing Liu, Jun Tao, Zhigang Hu and Gang Chen
    Citation: Satellite Navigation 2021 2:29