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Recent Advances in Geo-, Paleo- and Rock- Magnetism

This special issue is based on Session S-EM18 "General Contributions in Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism, and Rock magnetism" held during the Japan Geoscience Union – American Geophysical Union (JpGU-AGU) 2017 Meeting (20 – 25 May in Chiba, Japan). Vast and accelerating developments seen in current Earth science investigations could not be realized without knowledge of Earth's magnetic field. Recent advances in rock magnetism have facilitated new findings in paleomagnetism. This issue focuses especially on rock magnetism and paleomagnetism as a means of understanding the past variation of Earth’s magnetic field. We welcome contributions related to the geodynamo, present and past geomagnetic behavior, fundamental rock magnetic properties, and paleoclimatic change and tectonic processes revealed by magnetic methods. We also encourage contributions related to new methods, software and instruments that are useful for the above mentioned studies.

Edited by: John Tarduno, Hirokuni Oda, Yuhji Yamamoto, Chuang Xuan, Ioan Lascu, Koji Fukuma

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