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Grain Size and Quality

This special issue covers insights and advances in Rice size and quality through a wide range of original paper and reviews. Grain quality, including grain size, is a major target in rice breeding programs globally.

  1. Resistant starch (RS) is beneficial for human health. Loss of starch branching enzyme IIb (BEIIb) increases the proportion of amylopectin long chains, which greatly elevates the RS content. Although high RS co...

    Authors: Satoko Miura, Maiko Narita, Naoko Crofts, Yuki Itoh, Yuko Hosaka, Naoko F. Oitome, Misato Abe, Rika Takahashi and Naoko Fujita
    Citation: Rice 2022 15:28
  2. Most agronomic traits of rice (Oryza sativa), such as grain length, are complex traits controlled by multiple genes. Chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs) are ideal materials for dissecting these complex ...

    Authors: Juan Li, Hongxia Yang, Guangyi Xu, Keli Deng, Jinjin Yu, Siqian Xiang, Kai Zhou, Qiuli Zhang, Ruxiang Li, Miaomiao Li, Yinghua Ling, Zhenglin Yang, Guanghua He and Fangming Zhao
    Citation: Rice 2022 15:25
  3. Ep type is an important morphological improvement (following dwarf breeding and ideal plant type) that has contributed to breeding super-high yielding, and shows a pleiotropic effect in increasing grain yield ...

    Authors: Sibo Chen, Shuangjie Chen, Yihui Jiang, Qing Lu, Zhongyuan Liu, Wanying Liu, Xuhong Wang, Wenhua Shi, Quan Xu, Jian Sun, Fan Zhang and Liang Tang
    Citation: Rice 2022 15:15

    The Correction to this article has been published in Rice 2022 15:20