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Gifted Science Education in Korea

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There is a consensus that gifted education is an important sector in science education to support students to exhibit their potential. However, as society drastically changes, there is emerging questions about appropriate approaches to gifted science education. The aim of this special issue is to provide a forum for the consideration of gifted science education in Korea to move forward for future generation. This special issue will include a variety of manuscript:  conceptual or theoretical papers; empirical research; historical investigation of policy or curriculum; others.

Edited by: Jongwon Park and Hae-Ae Seo

  1. This research aims to develop an instructional model using advanced laboratory equipment (ALE) based on collective intelligence attributes that can be applied to the scientifically-gifted students. The develop...

    Authors: Kyunghee Jeon, Dahye Park and Jongseok Park
    Citation: Asia-Pacific Science Education 2019 5:18
  2. This study suggests an engineering design process-based (EDP-based) teaching and learning model in science education and examines its educational potential for scientifically gifted students. This model consis...

    Authors: Hwa-Jung Han and Kew-Cheol Shim
    Citation: Asia-Pacific Science Education 2019 5:13