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Gynaecological Tumours, Breast Cancer

  1. The purpose of this study was to evaluate both the biodistribution and safety of 64Cu-1,4,7-triazacyclononane-1,4,7-triacetic acid (NOTA)-Trastuzumab, a novel 64Cu-labeled positron emission tomography (PET) trace...

    Authors: Inki Lee, Ilhan Lim, Byung Hyun Byun, Byung Il Kim, Chang Woon Choi, Sang-Keun Woo, Kwang Il Kim, Kyo Chul Lee, Joo Hyun Kang, Min-Ki Seong, Hyun-Ah Kim, Woo Chul Noh and Sang Moo Lim
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2021 11:8
  2. The reoperation rate for breast-conserving surgery is as high as 15–30% due to residual tumor in the surgical cavity after surgery. In vivo tumor-targeted optical molecular imaging may serve as a red-flag tech...

    Authors: Frans V. Suurs, Si-Qi Qiu, Joshua J. Yim, Carolien P. Schröder, Hetty Timmer-Bosscha, Eric S. Bensen, John T. Santini Jr, Elisabeth G. E. de Vries, Matthew Bogyo and Gooitzen M. van Dam
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:111
  3. The objective of this study was to investigate the prognostic value of 2-Deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose ([18F]FDG) uptake of bone marrow (BM) and metabolic parameters of primary tumor on positron emission tomograp...

    Authors: Jeong Won Lee, Sung Yong Kim, Sun Wook Han, Jong Eun Lee, Hyun Ju Lee, Nam Hun Heo and Sang Mi Lee
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:72
  4. Correct identification of tumour receptor status is important for treatment decisions in breast cancer. [18F]FES PET and [18F]FDHT PET allow non-invasive assessment of the oestrogen (ER) and androgen receptor (AR...

    Authors: Lemonitsa H. Mammatas, Clasina M. Venema, Carolina P. Schröder, Henrica C. W. de Vet, Michel van Kruchten, Andor W. J. M. Glaudemans, Maqsood M. Yaqub, Henk M. W. Verheul, Epie Boven, Bert van der Vegt, Erik F. J. de Vries, Elisabeth G. E. de Vries, Otto S. Hoekstra, Geke A. P. Hospers and C. Willemien Menke-van der Houven van Oordt
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:40
  5. High expression of human epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 (HER2) represents an aggressive subtype of breast cancer. Anti-HER2 treatment requires a theragnostic approach wherein sufficiently high recepto...

    Authors: Ali Alhuseinalkhudhur, Mark Lubberink, Henrik Lindman, Vladimir Tolmachev, Fredrik Y. Frejd, Joachim Feldwisch, Irina Velikyan and Jens Sörensen
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:21