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Hardware Security

  1. The continuous increase of electric vehicles is being facilitating the large-scale distributed charging-pile deployment. It is crucial to guarantee normal operation of charging piles, resulting in the importan...

    Authors: Wen Wang, Jianhua Wang, Xiaofeng Peng, Ye Yang, Chun Xiao, Shuai Yang, Mingcai Wang, Lingfei Wang, Lin Li and Xiaolin Chang
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2023 6:7
  2. In modern computer systems, user processes are isolated from each other by the operating system and the hardware. Additionally, in a cloud scenario it is crucial that the hypervisor isolates tenants from other...

    Authors: Michael Schwarz, Samuel Weiser, Daniel Gruss, Clémentine Maurice and Stefan Mangard
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2020 3:2