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High Dynamic Range Imaging: Providing a Step Change in Imaging Technology

By faithfully representing the wide range of colours and intensities that our eyes can see, HDR is in real world-units rather than device-units, encompassing all future imaging systems intended for the human eye.The potential impact that HDR technology is large as it embraces all aspects of digital imaging, ranging from scientific image processing and high fidelity production of photo realistic computer graphics to home-entertainment. Within the given scenario, this special issue is timely and aimed at raising the level of awareness of the signal processing community with respect to the challenges to be tackled when dealing with HDR acquisition, processing, and delivery of different kind of media including images, video and multi view video. The special issue will be a stimulating window on the very latest research and challenges within this rapidly emerging field.

Edited by: Alan Chalmers, Patrizio Campisi and Peter Shirley

  1. High dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques address the need to capture the full range of color and light that the human eyes can perceive in the real world. HDR technology is becoming more and more pervasive....

    Authors: Emanuele Maiorana and Patrizio Campisi
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing 2016 2016:3
  2. This paper presents an evaluation of high-dynamic-range (HDR) video tone mapping on a small screen device (SSD) under reflections. Reflections are common on mobile devices as these devices are predominantly us...

    Authors: Miguel Melo, Maximino Bessa, Luís Barbosa, Kurt Debattista and Alan Chalmers
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing 2015 2015:44
  3. With the development of modern image sensors enabling flexible image acquisition, single shot high dynamic range (HDR) imaging is becoming increasingly popular. In this work, we capture single shot HDR images ...

    Authors: Saghi Hajisharif, Joel Kronander and Jonas Unger
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing 2015 2015:41
  4. Recent advances in high dynamic range (HDR) capture and display technologies have attracted a lot of interest from scientific, professional, and artistic communities. As in any technology, the evaluation of HD...

    Authors: Philippe Hanhart, Marco V. Bernardo, Manuela Pereira, António M. G. Pinheiro and Touradj Ebrahimi
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing 2015 2015:39