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Innovative Technologies of Structural System, Vibration Control, and Construction for Concrete High-rise Buildings

In Middle-East, China, Southeast Asia and other countries, attention to high-rise buildings is higher than ever. So far, high-rise buildings have been mostly constructed of steel structures or steel-concrete composite structures, and relatively high-rise buildings built with concrete have historically been rare. Although a few concrete high-rise buildings such as Burj Khalifa have recently been tried due to advances in high-strength concrete technologies, design and construction technologies of such buildings are still challenging issues. In order to realize a concrete high-rise building, innovative lateral force-resisting structure system suitable for concrete construction needs to be developed. It is necessary to develop alternative reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete systems, replacing conventional outrigger and belt trusses that are constructed as steel structures. Design of reinforcement details using BIM techniques and a multi-axis vibration control to reduce wind-induced vibrations are also important issues for economy and structural efficiency in concrete high-rise building design. In addition, the development of an integrated formwork and lift system for effective high-rise construction and construction management ultimately makes it possible to reduce construction time and cost. Thus, economical and safe concrete high-rise construction can be achieved when innovative structural systems, structural design, and construction technologies and methods are integrated. Clearly, innovative concrete technologies for high-rise construction provides many challenges and opportunities for researchers in the future.

Guest Editor-in-Chief: 
Lan Chung

Guest Associate Editor: 
Kyeong-In Kang, Chee-Kyeong Kim, and Ta-Peng Chang

Guest Editors:
Sang-Hyun Lee, Hun-Hee Cho, Tae-Won Park, Soon-Wuk Kwon, Tae-Sung Eom, and Tae-Hoon Kim

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