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Inequalities in China and Mexico

What are the similarities and differences between inequalities in China and Mexico? Inequalities are always in plural, as there are inequalities in access to education, inequalities in access to health services, as well as labour inequalities based on different conditions of living standards, access to cultural activities, based on colour of skin, status and position, among others. The objective is to rethink inequalities in comparative perspective between China and Mexico, the two leading countries in terms of economic development in Asia and Latin America.

Introduction: Understanding Inequalities in China and Mexico — What can be done?

Guest Editor:Dr. Lukasz Czarnecki 

  1. The National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL 2018) reports that 7.8% of the population in Mexico is 65 years old or older. Approximately 41.1% of this population lives in pover...

    Authors: María Montero-López Lena, Diego Luna-Bazaldúa and Laura Ann Shneidman
    Citation: The Journal of Chinese Sociology 2019 6:16
  2. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, Mexico, and the USA (1994–2018) has led to a reorganization of the productive structure of Mexico’s 32 metropolitan areas, affecting what jobs ar...

    Authors: Roldán Andrés-Rosales, Lukasz Czarnecki and Miguel Ángel Mendoza-González
    Citation: The Journal of Chinese Sociology 2019 6:13
  3. Scholars generally agree that family socioeconomic status significantly influences student engagement and motivation in school learning. Yet, teachers are key adults who play an equally important role in deter...

    Authors: Ran Liu and Yi-Lin Chiang
    Citation: The Journal of Chinese Sociology 2019 6:6