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Proceedings of the International Conference in Mathematics and Applications

This issue is devoted to publish significant advances in difference equations and related research findings that are contributed by participants of the International Conference in Mathematics an Applications-Mahidol University to be organized by the Centre of Excellence in Mathematics, Commission on Higher Education, Thailand, during December 16-18, 2018. The goal of the conference is to bring together international researchers in order to promote, encourage, and stimulate further research and highlight recent advances  in the fields of applied mathematics that utilize difference equations as the springboard to develop a wide range of methodologies, tools and techniques applied in all fields of research. Contributions to the conference include research articles on qualitative behavior of solutions of ordinary, partial, delay, fractional, abstract, stochastic, fuzzy, and set-values differential equations. Significant and relevant applications of the above are also encouraged.
This special issue’s main aim is to shine the lights on selected important research discoveries disseminated at the conference that are deemed to be of high quality and innovative value. So that these advances in research reported at the conference find more visibility and impact, it is important to have a venue for their publication. Advances in Difference Equations is the best option by which full papers from the work presented at the conference have the opportunity to be peer reviewed and disseminated to a wider audience.

Edited by Yongwimon Lenbury, Graeme C. Wake, and Christian Licht

  1. Content type: Research

    Given a function F holomorphic on a neighborhood of some compact subset of the complex plane, we prove that if the zeros of the denominators of generalized Padé approximants (orthogonal Padé approximants and Padé...

    Authors: Nattapong Bosuwan

    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2019 2019:137

    Published on: