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Challenges and methods in road safety improvement: beyond the low-hanging fruit

CFP ICTCT logo_smallThere are various possibilities to assess and to improve road safety. Most of the approaches used in practice nowadays are accident-based and thus reactive by nature. Increasingly, tools and approaches following the idea that prevention is crucial are also becoming known to road safety practitioners and professionals (e.g., traffic conflict-based analysis, road safety audits or network safety assessment).

The main purpose of this Special Issue is to investigate novel research ideas to determine advanced methods and tools for the assessment of road safety. It covers a wide range of studies, including theoretical research, empirical practices, and review articles. 
Contributions feature innovative methods and tools for the assessment of road safety, the reduction of road crash impacts, especially based on the prevention principle. 

Edited by: Wafa Elias (Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel) | Attila Borsos (University of Győr, Hungary)


  1. Demerit points systems (DPS) have been used in many countries as a means for improving road safety, by monitoring traffic law violations of drivers and applying corrective measures to repeat offenders, while k...

    Authors: Victoria Gitelman, Etti Doveh, Anna Korchatov, Wafa Elias and Shalom Hakkert
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2023 15:39
  2. Preventing fatal traffic accidents towards Vision Zero is a challenge for the society. The collection of critical events from video recorded traffic data is of essential value for a better understanding on how...

    Authors: Juan Trullos, Meng Zhang, Marek Junghans and Kay Gimm
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2023 15:35
  3. Highway work zones are associated with significant adverse impacts on safety. Mitigating these impacts can be achieved by implementing several countermeasures. This paper uses controlled experiments in a drivi...

    Authors: Fadi Shahin, Wafa Elias and Tomer Toledo
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2023 15:20
  4. Cycling has always been considered a sustainable and healthy mode of transport. With the increasing concerns of greenhouse gases and pollution, policy makers are intended to support cycling as commuter mode of...

    Authors: Shumayla Yaqoob, Salvatore Cafiso, Giacomo Morabito and Giuseppina Pappalardo
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2023 15:9