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Imaging and Modeling in Electron Microscopy - Recent Advances

Edited by: Nigel D. Browning

This series in Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging features articles from presentations made at the “Imaging and Modeling in Electron Microscopy - Recent Advances” workshop organized at the Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery from May 18-23, 2014. The  aim of the workshop was to connect mathematicians together with specialists in imaging, material science, and electron microscopy to advance modeling, simulation and analysis by incorporating state-of-the-art mathematical and computational tools and methods in electron microscopy. The papers in this themed issue represent the foundations for this interdisciplinary field that resulted from the exchange ideas and the sharing of data at the meeting and the first steps in the development of new imaging and sensing paradigms.

  1. One of the main limitations of imaging at high spatial and temporal resolution during in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) experiments is the frame rate of the camera being used to image the dynamic pro...

    Authors: Andrew Stevens, Libor Kovarik, Patricia Abellan, Xin Yuan, Lawrence Carin and Nigel D. Browning
    Citation: Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging 2015 1:10
  2. Electron tomography is widely used for nanoscale determination of 3-D structures in many areas of science. Determining the 3-D structure of a sample from electron tomography involves three major steps: acquisi...

    Authors: Toby Sanders, Micah Prange, Cem Akatay and Peter Binev
    Citation: Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging 2015 1:4
  3. Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) provides sub-ångstrom, atomic resolution images of crystalline structures. However, in many applications, the ability to extract information such as atom positi...

    Authors: Niklas Mevenkamp, Peter Binev, Wolfgang Dahmen, Paul M Voyles, Andrew B Yankovich and Benjamin Berkels
    Citation: Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging 2015 1:3