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Inline Holography

Edited by: Wouter Van den Broek, Lei Tian, Christoph Koch

In many imaging systems, the phase of coherent wave functions, or related quantities of partially coherent radiation fields carries important information. In optical microscopes, for example, the phase is related to the local refractive index and thickness of transparent objects or to the topography in reflection. In electron microscopy, the phase of the scattered electron wave can be used to determine electrostatic potential, magnetic field, or strain within the transmitted object. The development of inline holographic approaches aiming at the reconstruction of wave fronts of electrons, photons, or neutrons by techniques that do not rely on interference with an external reference wave, such as focal series reconstruction, ptychography, slope-detecting wave front sensing, etc., has become increasingly popular in recent years. This thematic series in Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging highlights recent advances in this field.

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