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Special Issue of the 4th International Workshop on Complex Networks and Their Applications

In order to cross-fertilize ideas among scientists, the International Workshop on Complex Networks and Their Applications brings together researchers from different scientific communities working on areas related to complex networks. For the fourth edition of this annual event, seventy-six papers have been received from around the world. These contributions have been peer-reviewed from at least three independent reviewers to ensure the high quality of contributed material as well as adherence to conference topics. Among the thirty-one papers selected by the scientific committee for the workshop, nine contributions have been retained for submission to a thematic issue of Applied Network Science. These submissions are technically beyond the scope of the papers appearing in the workshop proceedings and include significantly new material. Following a new and independent review process, the papers have been selected for this thematic issue. These papers reflect the latest problems, advances, and diversity within the complex network community.

Lead Guest Editor: Chantal Cherifi, University of Lyon
Guest Editor: Hocine Cherifi, University of Burgundy

  1. Graphs are used to model a wide range of systems from different disciplines including social network analysis, biology, and big data processing. When analyzing these constantly changing dynamic graphs at a hig...

    Authors: Benjamin Schiller, Clemens Deusser, Jeronimo Castrillon and Thorsten Strufe
    Citation: Applied Network Science 2016 1:9
  2. The continual launches of new online social media that meet the most varied people’s needs are resulting in a simultaneous adoption of different social platforms. As a consequence people are pushed to handle t...

    Authors: Matteo Zignani, Azadeh Esfandyari, Sabrina Gaito and Gian Paolo Rossi
    Citation: Applied Network Science 2016 1:5
  3. In the age of data processing, news videos are rich mines of information. After all, the news are essentially created to convey information to the public. But can we go beyond what is directly presented to us ...

    Authors: Benjamin Renoust, Tetsuro Kobayashi, Thanh Duc Ngo, Duy-Dinh Le and Shin’Ichi Satoh
    Citation: Applied Network Science 2016 1:4