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Complex Distributed Systems and Systems of Systems

This JISA thematic series provides a forum for describing innovative contributions to the conceptual and architectural design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed systems with the aim of facilitating complex systems of systems. The series presents novel research efforts and approaches in discovering and actuating opportunistic relationships between systems of different sorts such as big data systems, Internet of Things (IoT) systems, cyber-physical systems, M2M business applications, network overlays, and multimedia delivery systems.

Edited by: Yehia Elkhatib, Laurent Réveillère and Etienne Rivière

  1. Connecting multiple and heterogeneous hardware devices to solve problems raises some challenges, especially in terms of interoperability and communications management. A distributed solution may offer many adv...

    Authors: Thiago W. B. Silva, Daniel C. Morais, Halamo G. R. Andrade, Antonio M. N. Lima, Elmar U. K. Melcher and Alisson V. Brito
    Citation: Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2018 9:4
  2. A smart environment is equipped with numerous devices (i.e., sensors, actuators) that are possibly distributed over different locations (e.g., rooms of a smart building). These devices are automatically contro...

    Authors: Adja Ndeye Sylla, Maxime Louvel and Eric Rutten
    Citation: Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2017 8:16