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Dependable Computing

Computer systems and networks are nowadays the keystone of business and safety-critical environments to achieve operational goals. Increasing size and complexity have been raising new challenges to the research and industry communities for many years. Among such challenges, dependability and security have been widely identified as critical aspects that need to be addressed. This special issue aims to enhance dependability and security  research within and outside the Latin American region.

Edited by: Regina Lúcia de Oliveira Moraes and Marco Vieira

  1. Input/output (I/O) attacks have received increasing attention during the last decade. These attacks are performed by malicious peripherals that make read or write accesses to DRAM memory or to memory embedded ...

    Authors: Benoît Morgan, Éric Alata, Vincent Nicomette and Mohamed Kaâniche
    Citation: Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society 2018 24:2
  2. The class of robot convergence tasks has been shown to capture fundamental aspects of fault-tolerant computability. A set of asynchronous robots that may fail by crashing, start from unknown places in some given ...

    Authors: Armando Castañeda, Sergio Rajsbaum and Matthieu Roy
    Citation: Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society 2018 24:1
  3. Reliable broadcast is a fundamental building block in fault-tolerant distributed systems. It consists of a basic primitive that provides agreement among processes of the system on the delivery of each broadcas...

    Authors: Élise Jeanneau, Luiz A. Rodrigues, Luciana Arantes and Elias P. Duarte Jr.
    Citation: Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society 2017 23:15
  4. Businesses are nowadays deploying their services online, reaching out to clients all around the world. Many times deployed as web applications or web services, these business-critical systems typically perform...

    Authors: Nuno Laranjeiro, Seyma Nur Soydemir, Naghmeh Ivaki and Jorge Bernardino
    Citation: Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society 2017 23:14