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Language, Media and Politics: The Pragmatics of Political Discourse

Political discourse is an interdisciplinary subject of study, situated at the intersection of language, media and politics. Political discourse, in its definition, underlines the significance of language in the study of politics, wherein language can not only be used as a device but also consists of the object of study in politics. What’s more, with the advancement of technology, media has been, in addition to serving as a platform displaying political talks and texts, playing an increasingly important and sometimes even dominant role in modern and/or post-colonial politics.

Upholding the journal’s spirit of promoting cross-disciplinary research, this thematic series of is dedicated to the integrative study of language, media and politics. It aims to address the latest theoretical and methodological developments in political discourse research and their applications. This collection publishes manuscripts adopting a global or comparative perspective, or with a specific regional or institutional focus on the Global South. 

Edited by: Dr Jun (Janice) Pan, Hong Kong Baptist University

  1. Drawing inspiration from two theoretical framings: a sociocultural perspective on languaging and writings on a decolonial-turn, the study presented in this paper center-stages issues related to the need to eng...

    Authors: Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta and Aprameya Rao
    Citation: Bandung: Journal of the Global South 2018 5:3