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14th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting

Dr Alessio Corazza, Robin Devonshire, Prof Georges ZISSIS

  1. White organic light emitting diodes (WOLEDs) have gained considerable attention of academic and industrial research communities as promising alternative to incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes and inorganic L...

    Authors: G. M. Farinola and R. Ragni
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2015 2:9
  2. A new method by using a pulsed-laser Raman scattering technique was employed to estimate junction temperature of a fluorescence-resin-less blue-LED package. Temperature dependent Raman shift of E ...

    Authors: Makoto Horiuchi, Yukihiko Yamagata, Shin-ichi Tsutsumi, Kentaro Tomita and Yoshio Manabe
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2015 2:7
  3. Results of the project ‘ODALINE’ (OLED Devices Application in Luminaires for Interior and Exterior lighting) are presented. A team of academic and industrial partners worked together to design and manufacture ...

    Authors: Anna Pellegrino, Valerio R. M. Lo Verso, Chiara Aghemo, Sabrina Fiorina and Gabriele Piccablotto
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2015 2:6
  4. LED luminaires are already beyond retrofit systems, which are limited in heat dissipation due to the old fitting standards. Actual LED luminaries are based on new LED packages and modules. Heat dissipation thr...

    Authors: Rafael C Jordan, Constanze Weber, Christian Ehrhardt, Martin Wilke and Johannes Jaeschke
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2015 2:4