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Multidisciplinary applications of Complex Networks Modeling, Simulation, Visualization & Analysis

Dr Carlos Gershenson, Prof Muaz Niazi

  1. We examine the role of information-based measures in detecting and analysing phase transitions. We contend that phase transitions have a general character, visible in transitions in systems as diverse as class...

    Authors: Terry Bossomaier, Lionel Barnett and Michael Harré
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:9
  2. Bioincising is a biotechnological process for improving the permeability of refractory wood such as Norway spruce heartwood using the wood-decay fungus Physisporinus vitreus. The degradation of the bordered pit m...

    Authors: Matthias Jörg Fuhr, Mark Schubert, Chris Stührk, Francis WMR Schwarze and Hans Jürg Herrmann
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:6
  3. This paper proposes a method based on complex networks analysis, devised to perform clustering on multidimensional datasets. In particular, the method maps the elements of the dataset in hand to a weighted net...

    Authors: Giuliano Armano and Marco Alberto Javarone
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:5