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Multidisciplinary Applications and Methods for Agent-based Modeling

Dr Ted Carmichael, Dr Charles Macal, Prof Muaz Niazi, Dr Michael North

  1. Following Holland, complex adaptive systems (CASs) are collections of interacting, autonomous, learning decision makers embedded in an interactive environment. Modeling CASs is challenging for a variety of rea...

    Authors: Michael J North
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2014 2:3
  2. Commercial aviation is feasible thanks to the complex socio-technical air transportation system, which involves interactions between human operators, technical systems, and procedures. In view of the expected ...

    Authors: Soufiane Bouarfa, Henk AP Blom, Richard Curran and Mariken HC Everdij
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:15
  3. The performance of an optimistic parallel discrete event simulator (PDES) in terms of the total simulation execution time of an experiment depends on a large set of variables. Many of them have a complex and g...

    Authors: Aditya Kurve, Khashayar Kotobi and George Kesidis
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:12
  4. We propose an agent-based model for peer selection in the Internet at the Autonomous System (AS) level. The proposed model, GENESIS-CBA, is based on realistic constraints and provider selection mechanism, with AS...

    Authors: Aemen Lodhi, Amogh Dhamdhere and Constantine Dovrolis
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:10
  5. A crowd of pedestrians is a complex system in which individuals exhibit conflicting behavioural mechanisms leading to self-organisation phenomena. Computer models for the simulation of crowds represent a conso...

    Authors: Giuseppe Vizzari, Lorenza Manenti and Luca Crociani
    Citation: Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2013 1:7