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Externalization at Work: Responses to Migration Policies from the Global South

  1. This article explores the different memorial strategies of the civil society associations and the public authorities in Mali through various practices and discourses of the International Migrant Day around the...

    Authors: Almamy Sylla and Susanne U. Schultz
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2020 8:4
  2. The article highlights international dimensions of the emergence and transformation of migration policies in Turkey from the early 2000s onwards, including the context of the Syrian displacement, which made Tu...

    Authors: Ayşen Üstübici
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2019 7:46
  3. Starting from the idea that border externalization – understood as the spatial and institutional stretching of borders – is enmeshed with the highly contextual humanitarian and securitarian dynamics of migrant...

    Authors: Nanneke Winters and Cynthia Mora Izaguirre
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2019 7:27