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Modeling, Simulation, and Applications: New Directions

This thematic series consolidates extended papers from the Frontiers of Information Technology Conference 2016 in addition to other relevant papers received from open call. It includes latest research in modeling and simulation from methodologies, applications and, from case studies to reviews.

  1. Research

    A game-theory modeling approach to utility and strength of interactions dynamics in biomedical research social networks

    Collaboration has become a cornerstone in biomedical research today. In contrast to physics which has a long history and experience in collaborative projects, biology is only recently becoming an evermore coll...

    J. Mario Siqueiros-García, Rodrigo García-Herrera, Enrique Hernández-Lemus and Sergio Alcalá-Corona

    Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling 2017 5:5

    Published on: 16 May 2017