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Ever since the 1980s-1990s, multiculturalism has had both its advocates and its critics. While the support long outweighed the critique, the tide seemed to change at the beginning of the new millennium. Critical voices have become more numerous and vigorous. The critiques have increasingly merged into a growing chorus of concern and a popular refrain about the failure, decline and even death of multiculturalism. While ‘multiculturalism’ has become the proverbial punching bag, ‘interculturalism’ has been increasingly put forward as a distinct and much welcome alternative. In this Special Issue, edited by François Levrau and Patrick Loobuyck, original perspectives are brought together aiming to clarify and advance the ‘Multiculturalism-Interculturalism Debate’. To what extent does interculturalism provide a different approach to deal with ethno-cultural diversity? Does it complement multiculturalism or is it just a relabelling that does not go beyond selling old wine in new bottles? Tariq Modood and Ricard Zapata-Barrero, two of  the leading proponents of this debate, each provide a seperate and independent key text which will be critically assessed by 6 guest authors: Tamar de Waal, Christian Joppke, Riva Kastoryano, François Levrau, Jocelyn Maclure and Stijn Oosterlynck. 

Guest Editors: 

François Levrau, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Patrick Loobuyck, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Introduction: mapping the multiculturalism-interculturalism debate
Since the 1970s multiculturalist policies that recognize and accommodate ethnocultural diversity have been implemented across western democracies. However, the tide seems to have changed: a ‘backlash against m...
François Levrau and Patrick Loobuyck
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:13
Published: 17 May 2017

Original Article
Interculturalism in the post-multicultural debate: a defence
The main purpose of this article is to formulate a defence of the emerging intercultural policy paradigm for the benefit of those who are still somewhat reluctant to accept its proper place within the current ...
Ricard Zapata-Barrero
Comparative Migration Studies 2017 5:14
Published: 4 September 2017

Original Article
Must Interculturalists Misrepresent Multiculturalism? 
Statements of and advocacy for interculturalism always seems to begin with a critique of multiculturalism and aspire to offer a new and alternative paradigm of diversity and citizenship. With particular refere...
Tariq Modood
Comparative Migration Studies 2017 5:15
Published: 8 September 2017

War of words: interculturalism v. multiculturalism
This article tackles the relationship between interculturalism and multiculturalism from the points of view of both. Interculturalism owes its existence to a critique of multiculturalism, but of highly distort...​​​​​​​
Christian Joppke
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:11
Published: 17 May 2018

Is the post-multicultural era pro-diversity?​​​​​​​
This commentary discusses the claim of Zapata-Barrero that Western countries have historically entered a ‘post multicultural’ phase, in which the emergence of the intercultural policy paradigm must be placed. ...​​​​​​​
Tamar de Waal
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:15
Published: 17 May 2018

Moving the debate forward: interculturalism’s contribution to multiculturalism​​​​​​​
In this article, we compare Ricard Zappata-Barrero’s interculturalism with Tariq Modood’s multiculturalism. We will discuss the relation between distinct elements that compose both positions. We examine how re...​​​​​​​
François Boucher and Jocelyn Maclure
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:16
Published: 17 May 2018

Moving beyond normative philosophies and policy concerns: a sociological account of place-based solidarities in diversity​​​​​​​
In this commentary, I think with and beyond the normative philosophies and policy-oriented frameworks on how to deal with diversity in contemporary societies formulated by Zapata-Barrero and Modood. I propose ...​​​​​​​
Stijn Oosterlynck
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:18
Published: 17 May 2018

Towards a new way of interacting? Pondering the role of an interpersonal ethos​​​​​​​
Both multiculturalism and interculturalism strive for the creation of a well-ordered society in which the integration of all citizens is realized. This shared ambition, however, can only be realized if the qua...​​​​​​​
François Levrau
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:12
Published: 17 May 2018

Multiculturalism and interculturalism: redefining nationhood and solidarity​​​​​​​
Theoretical and normative approaches regarding the question of diversity and integration, such as multiucluturalims and interculturalims compete in an attempt to redefine citizenship and nationhood. Most analy...​​​​​​​
Riva Kastoryano
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:17
Published: 17 May 2018

Multiculturalism and Interculturualism: alongside but separate
This rejoinder reacts to the comments I have received of my defence of interculturalism (key-article of this Special Issue). Basically it defends the need to take seriously the distinctiveness between MC and I...
​​​​​​​Ricard Zapata-Barrero
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:20
Published on: 19 June 2018

Interculturalism: Not a new policy paradigm
The central question of the symposium has been whether interculturalism provides a new paradigm that transcends multiculturalism? I note that, consistent with my own position, none of the commentaries answers ...
Tariq Modood
Comparative Migration Studies 2018 6:22
Published on: 19 June 2018