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Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (NANO-2014)

Dr Olena Fesenko, Prof Leonid Yatsenko

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  1. Nano Express

    Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite Growth on Functionalized Surfaces of Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-Zr-Nb Alloys

    A biomimetic approach for coating titanium-containing alloys with hydroxyapatite (HA) is reported in the article. Two types of Ti-containing alloys were chosen as an object for coating: Ti-6Al-4V (recommended ...

    Ie V. Pylypchuk, A. L. Petranovskaya, P. P. Gorbyk, A. M. Korduban, P. E. Markovsky and O. M. Ivasishin

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:338

    Published on: 22 August 2015

  2. Nano Express

    Quantum-Chemical Calculation and Visualization of the Vibrational Modes of Graphene in Different Points of the Brillouin Zone

    Different notations of graphene irreducible representations and optical modes could be found in the literature. The goals of this paper are to identify the correspondence between available notations, to calcul...

    Tetiana Lebedieva, Victor Gubanov, Galyna Dovbeshko and Denys Pidhirnyi

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:287

    Published on: 11 July 2015

  3. Nano Express

    Optical Properties of Pyrolytic Carbon Films Versus Graphite and Graphene

    We report a comparative study of optical properties of 5–20 nm thick pyrolytic carbon (PyC) films, graphite, and graphene. The complex dielectric permittivity of PyC is obtained by measuring polarization-sensi...

    Galyna I Dovbeshko, Volodymyr R Romanyuk, Denys V Pidgirnyi, Vsevolod V Cherepanov, Eugene O Andreev, Vadim M Levin, Polina P Kuzhir, Tommi Kaplas and Yuri P Svirko

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:234

    Published on: 27 May 2015

  4. Nano Express

    Photonics and Nanophotonics and Information and Communication Technologies in Modern Food Packaging

    The analysis of the problem of conjunction of information and communication technologies (ICT) with packaging industry and food production was made. The perspective of combining the latest advances of nanotech...

    Olha Sarapulova, Valentyn Sherstiuk, Vitaliy Shvalagin and Aleksander Kukhta

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:229

    Published on: 23 May 2015

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Nanoscale Research Letters 2017 12:188

  5. Nano Express

    Relation between the strength and dimensionality of defect-free carbon crystals

    On the basis of ab initio simulations, the value of strength of interatomic bonds in one-, two- and three-dimensional carbon crystals is obtained. It is shown that decreasing in dimensionality of crystal gives...

    Sergiy Kotrechko, Andrey Timoshevskii, Eugene Kolyvoshko and Yuriy Matviychuk

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:225

    Published on: 19 May 2015

  6. Nano Express

    Nanosized zeolites as a perspective material for conductometric biosensors creation

    In this work, the method of enzyme adsorption on different zeolites and mesoporous silica spheres (MSS) was investigated for the creation of conductometric biosensors. The conductometric transducers consisted ...

    Ivan Kucherenko, Oleksandr Soldatkin, Berna Ozansoy Kasap, Salih Kaan Kirdeciler, Burcu Akata Kurc, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, Alexei Soldatkin, Florence Lagarde and Sergei Dzyadevych

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:209

    Published on: 7 May 2015

  7. Nano Express

    Ability of dynamic holography in self-assembled hybrid nanostructured silica films for all-optical switching and multiplexing

    The sol-gel method has been employed in the fabrication of easily processable mesostructured films consisting of a nonionic surfactant and silica as the inorganic component. The ability of the occluded Pluroni...

    German Telbiz, Svitlana Bugaychuk, Eugen Leonenko, Liudmyla Derzhypolska, Vladimir Gnatovskyy and Igor Pryadko

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:196

    Published on: 23 April 2015

  8. Nano Express

    Sensory properties of hybrid composites based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-porous silicon-carbon nanotubes

    In this work, we have prepared film sensor elements based on a hybrid system poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-porous silicon nanocrystals-carbon nanotubes on flexible polymer substrates. Our FTIR spectroscopy-...

    Igor B Olenych, Olena I Aksimentyeva, Liubomyr S Monastyrskii, Yulia Yu Horbenko and Lidia I Yarytska

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:187

    Published on: 18 April 2015

  9. Nano Express

    The impact of ultra-low amounts of amino-modified MMT on dynamics and properties of densely cross-linked cyanate ester resins

    Thermostable nanocomposites based on densely cross-linked cyanate ester resins (CER), derived from bisphenol E and doped by 0.01 to 5 wt. % amino-functionalized 2D montmorillonite (MMT) nanoparticles, were syn...

    Vladimir Bershtein, Alexander Fainleib, Larisa Egorova, Kristina Gusakova, Olga Grigoryeva, Demid Kirilenko, Semen Konnikov, Valery Ryzhov, Pavel Yakushev and Natalia Lavrenyuk

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:165

    Published on: 8 April 2015

  10. Nano Express

    Thermal analysis of Al + 0.1% CNT ribbon

    The objective of this work is a dilatometric study of Al + 0.1% of multiwall carbon nanotubes nanocomposite material (NCM) in three directions: X - parallel to the rolling direction; Y - perpendicular to the r...

    Sergiy Revo, Smail Hamamda, Kateryna Ivanenko, Oleh Boshko, Ahmed Djarri and Abdelhamid Boubertakh

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:170

    Published on: 8 April 2015

  11. Nano Express

    Graphene-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of thymine adsorbed on single-layer graphene

    Graphene-enhanced Raman scattering (GERS) spectra and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) of thymine molecules adsorbed on a single-layer graphene were studied. The enhancement factor was shown to dep...

    Olena Fesenko, Galyna Dovbeshko, Andrej Dementjev, Renata Karpicz, Tommi Kaplas and Yuri Svirko

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:163

    Published on: 2 April 2015

  12. Nano Express

    Spectroellipsometric characterization and modeling of plasmonic diamond-like carbon nanocomposite films with embedded Ag nanoparticles

    Diamond-like carbon nanocomposite films with embedded silver nanoparticles are considered experimentally (spectroellipsometric characterization) and theoretically (modeling of optical properties). Metallic nan...

    Iryna Yaremchuk, Šarunas Meškinis, Volodymyr Fitio, Yaroslav Bobitski, Kestutis Šlapikas, Arvydas Čiegis, Zigmas Balevičius, Algirdas Selskis and Sigitas Tamulevičius

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:157

    Published on: 1 April 2015

  13. Nano Express

    Textures on the surface of BSA films with different concentrations of sodium halides and water state in solution

    The formation of the textures on the surface of the films from the solutions of bovine serum albumin (BSA) with sodium halides (NaF, NaCl, and NaBr) of various concentrations was studied. The formation of symm...

    Gennadiy Glibitskiy, Dmitriy Glibitskiy, Olga Gorobchenko, Oleg Nikolov, Alexander Roshal, Mikhail Semenov and Anatoliy Gasan

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:155

    Published on: 28 March 2015

  14. Nano Express

    Structural transformations in austenitic stainless steel induced by deuterium implantation: irradiation at 100 K

    Deuterium thermal desorption spectra were investigated on the samples of austenitic stainless steel 18Cr10NiTi preimplanted at 100 K with deuterium ions in the dose range from 3 × 1015 to 5 × 1018 D/cm2. The kine...

    Oleksandr Morozov, Volodymyr Zhurba, Ivan Neklyudov, Oleksandr Mats, Aleksandr Rud, Nikolay Chernyak and Viktoria Progolaieva

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:154

    Published on: 28 March 2015

  15. Nano Express

    Application of silicalite-modified electrode for the development of sucrose biosensor with improved characteristics

    The application of silicalite for improvement of working characteristics of conductometric enzyme biosensors for determination of sucrose was studied in this research. Biosensors based on different types of si...

    Viktoriya M Pyeshkova, Oleksandr Y Dudchenko, Oleksandr O Soldatkin, Berna Ozansoy Kasap, Florence Lagarde, Burcu Akata Kurç and Sergei V Dzyadevych

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:149

    Published on: 27 March 2015

  16. Nano Express

    Random nanostructured metallic films for environmental monitoring and optical sensing: experimental and computational studies

    Nanostructured silver films are studied using computational and experimental methods. Surface plasmon resonance-related phenomena are emphasized. Resonant optical absorption band changes due to the influence o...

    Ivan Karbovnyk, John Collins, Ivan Bolesta, Andriy Stelmashchuk, Antonina Kolkevych, Shereen Velupillai, Halyna Klym, Orest Fedyshyn, Svitlana Tymoshuk and Ihor Kolych

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:151

    Published on: 27 March 2015

  17. Nano Express

    Effect of single-walled carbon nanotubes on tumor cells viability and formation of multicellular tumor spheroids

    This paper describes the impact of different concentrations of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) on cell viability of breast adenocarcinoma, MCF-7 line, and formation of multicellular tumor spheroids (MT...

    Olena M Yakymchuk, Olena M Perepelytsina, Alexey V Dobrydnev and Mychailo V Sydorenko

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:150

    Published on: 27 March 2015

  18. Nano Express

    Nanostructurization and thermal properties of polyethylenes’ welds

    As it is known, polyethylene (PE) is one of the common materials in the modern world, and PE products take the major share on industrial and trade markets. For example, various types of technical PE like PE-63...

    Anatoliy Galchun, Nikolay Korab, Volodymyr Kondratenko, Valeriy Demchenko, Andriy Shadrin, Vitaliy Anistratenko and Maksym Iurzhenko

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:138

    Published on: 19 March 2015

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