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Nanopatterning Lithography and Applications

Recently, nanopatterning with Lithography has attracted significant research interest due to their potential for use in biosensors, anti-reflection films, anti-fingerprint films, solar cells, nanofluidic and microfluidic channels, and some functional optical films. The advantages of this simple process include low cost, high replication fidelity, and relatively high throughput and productivity. Papers in this thematic series will introduce and review the recent advances in the field of the nanopatterning with lithography, from the fabrication processes and techniques to manufactured functional devices and their novel applications.

Edited by: JaeJong Lee, Helmut Schift, and Sunggook Park

  1. Flexible and highly ordered nanopillar arrayed electrodes have brought great interest for many electrochemical applications, especially to the biosensors, because of its unique mechanical and topological prope...

    Authors: Yoo Min Park, Sun Young Lim, Soon Woo Jeong, Younseong Song, Nam Ho Bae, Seok Bok Hong, Bong Gill Choi, Seok Jae Lee and Kyoung G. Lee
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2018 5:15