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Novel Theragnostic Drugs

  1. Chimeric antibody Miltuximab®, a human IgG1 engineered from the parent antibody MIL-38, is in clinical development for solid tumour therapy. Miltuximab® targets glypican-1 (GPC-1), a cell surface protein invol...

    Authors: Mei-Chun Yeh, Brian W. C. Tse, Nicholas L. Fletcher, Zachary H. Houston, Maria Lund, Marianna Volpert, Chelsea Stewart, Kamil A. Sokolowski, Varinder Jeet, Kristofer J. Thurecht, Douglas H. Campbell, Bradley J. Walsh, Colleen C. Nelson and Pamela J. Russell
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:46
  2. Tumor hypoxia (low tissue oxygenation) is an adverse condition of the solid tumor environment, associated with malignant progression, radiotherapy resistance, and poor prognosis. One method to detect tumor hyp...

    Authors: Tengzhi Liu, Morten Karlsen, Anna Maria Karlberg and Kathrine Røe Redalen
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:33
  3. Targeting G protein-coupled receptors on the surface of cancer cells with peptide ligands is a promising concept for the selective tumor delivery of therapeutically active cargos, including radiometals for tar...

    Authors: Adrien Chastel, Dennis J. Worm, Isabel D. Alves, Delphine Vimont, Melina Petrel, Samantha Fernandez, Philippe Garrigue, Philippe Fernandez, Elif Hindié, Annette G. Beck-Sickinger and Clément Morgat
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:16
  4. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are involved in drug resistance, metastasis, and relapse of cancers, which can significantly affect tumor therapy. Hence, to develop specifically therapeutic target probe at CSCs for i...

    Authors: Siao-Syun Guan, Cheng-Tien Wu, Tse-Zung Liao, Tsai-Yueh Luo, Kun-Liang Lin and Shing-Hwa Liu
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:13