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Novel plasmonics and metamaterials devices

Plasmonics and metamaterials have attracted considerable attention over the past decade in the fields of superlens, cloaking, absorber, etc. Recently, plasmonics and metamaterials have seen a dramatic increase of novel ideas with combination of new materials and structures, creating a new horizon, so-called plasmonic metamaterials. Recent advances in plasmonics and metamaterials have realized many interesting functionalities in devices from ultraviolet to terahertz wavelength for bio-medical, sensor, display and other nanophotonic applications. Papers in this thematic series will introduce and review the recent advances in the field of the novel plasmonics and metamaterials devices to discover the possibility of the practical applications of plasmonics and metamaterials.

Edited by: Choon-Gi Choi, Takuo Tanaka, Junsuk Rho

  1. We theoretically investigate a metasurface perfect absorber based on indium-tin-oxide as active material. Our design scheme relies on conventional metal–oxide–semiconductor model and the Drude model. Inducing ...

    Authors: Gwanho Yoon, Sunae So, Minkyung Kim, Jungho Mun, Renmin Ma and Junsuk Rho
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2017 4:36
  2. Metamaterials have opened up the possibility of unprecedented and fascinating concepts and applications in optics and photonics. Examples include negative refraction, perfect lenses, cloaking, perfect absorber...

    Authors: Takuo Tanaka and Atsushi Ishikawa
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2017 4:34