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3D Printing and Wearable Technology in Fashion

Edited by Young-A Lee and Helen Koo 

This special article collection in Fashion and Textiles will focus on cutting-edge knowledge on 3D printing and wearable technology, and their applications in fashion as well as to envision the future of these technologies when designing and engineering apparel-related products. This special article collection will be a useful tool for designers, product developers, and researchers who plan to implement these technologies in their work. Articles submitted to the special collection can relate to any aspect of these technologies in fashion-related disciplines, including the development of these technologies and design, development, & evaluation of fashion-related products using (or incorporating) 3D printing and (or) wearable technology.

  1. Children suffering from autism spectrum disorder are often reported to encounter sleeping disorder several causes such as hypersensitivity as result of irregular brain and muscle functions. Disturbance in slee...

    Authors: Tuser Tirtha Biswas, Rosalinda Sardo Infirri, Susanna Hagman and Lena Berglin
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2018 5:18
  2. The purpose of this study was to examine a hierarchical model of consumer innovativeness in the context of 3D fashion products. In particular, this study explored how different traits, such as personal values ...

    Authors: Jewon Lyu, Kim Hahn and Amrut Sadachar
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2018 5:11