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Nonlinear Waves, Kinetic Theory and Related Topics: A Tribute to the Memory of Jean Ginibre


Jean Ginibre (4 March 1938 — 26 March 2020) was a French mathematical physicist. He was well known for his contributions to kinetic theory, nonlinear waves, mathematical physics and partial differential equations. This volume is a collection of articles in those areas, which are devoted to the memory of our former friend, colleague, and collaborator Jean Ginibre.

We are honored to have Minh-Binh Tran (Texas A&M University) as Lead Guest Editor and Yves Pomeau (École Polytechnique Paris & École Normale Supérieure Paris, France) and Martine Le Berre (CNRS and Université Paris-Saclay, France) as co-guest editors. 

  1. Self-similar finite-time singularity solutions of the axisymmetric Euler equations in an infinite system with a swirl are provided. Using the Elgindi approximation of the Biot–Savart kernel for the velocity in...

    Authors: Rodrigo Cádiz, Diego Martínez-Argüello and Sergio Rica
    Citation: Advances in Continuous and Discrete Models 2023 2023:30
  2. We claim that human mathematics is only a limited part of the consequences of the chosen basic axioms. Properly human mathematics varies with time but appears to have universal features which we try to analyse...

    Authors: David Ruelle
    Citation: Advances in Continuous and Discrete Models 2023 2023:17
  3. Although I had not previously been aware of Jean Ginibre’s work on random matrices, beginning in 1978 I became an admirer of his many papers on nonlinear waves in collaboration with Giorgio Velo. Their papers ...

    Authors: Walter A. Strauss
    Citation: Advances in Continuous and Discrete Models 2023 2023:16
  4. The history of the long-standing scientific collaboration between Jean Ginibre and Giorgio Velo is presented. The most important results obtained for a number of nonlinear dispersive partial differential equat...

    Authors: Giorgio Velo
    Citation: Advances in Continuous and Discrete Models 2023 2023:3