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The old critical care patient’s journey through the ICU

Guest Editors:
Antonio ArtigasHospital de Sabadell, Spain
Bertrand GuidetHôpital Saint-Antoine, France

Submission Status: Open  

Annals of Intensive Care is presenting a new Collection on "The old critical care patient’s journey through the ICU".

Image Credit: andresr / Getty Images / iStock

About the collection

Research on geriatric conditions in ICU patients is crucial to the understanding of the impact of age-related conditions on the survival of critically ill patients. By means of this collection we would like to provide valuable insights into the prevalence of geriatric “syndromes” in the ICU, including delirium, falls, frailty, and cognitive impairment. We also aim at highlighting the need for a dedicated approach to caring for geriatric patients in the ICU, including the use of geriatric assessments and tailored treatment plans; informing clinical practice and improving the quality of care for elderly patients in the ICU. 

We hope the collection will significantly contribute to the field of critical care medicine and provide a foundation for further research on geriatric syndromes and their impact on patient outcomes.

Unsolicited submissions are welcome.

  1. Premorbid conditions influence the outcome of acutely ill adult patients aged 80 years and over who are admitted to the ICU. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of such premorbid conditions on...

    Authors: Dylan W. de Lange, Ivo W. Soliman, Susannah Leaver, Ariane Boumendil, Lenneke E. M. Haas, Ximena Watson, Carol Boulanger, Wojciech Szczeklik, Antonio Artigas, Alessandro Morandi, Finn Andersen, Christian Jung, Rui Moreno, Sten Walther, Sandra Oeyen, Joerg C. Schefold…
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2024 14:46
  2. Sepsis is a significant public health concern, particularly affecting individuals above 70 years in developed countries. This is a crucial fact due to the increasing aging population, their heightened vulnerab...

    Authors: Mercedes Ibarz, Lenneke E. M. Haas, Adrián Ceccato and Antonio Artigas
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2024 14:6
  3. Whereas aging is a whole-organism process, senescence is a cell mechanism that can be triggered by several stimuli. There is increasing evidence that critical conditions activate cell senescence programs irres...

    Authors: Paula Martín-Vicente, Cecilia López-Martínez, Beatriz Rioseras and Guillermo M. Albaiceta
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2024 14:2
  4. Frailty is widely acknowledged as influencing health outcomes among critically ill old patients. Yet, the traditional understanding of its impact has predominantly been through frequentist statistics. We endea...

    Authors: Bernhard Wernly, Raphael Romano Bruno, Michael Beil, Hans Flaatten, Malte Kelm, Sviri Sigal, Wojciech Szczeklik, Muhammed Elhadi, Michael Joannidis, Andreas Koköfer, Sandra Oeyen, Brian Marsh, Rui Moreno, Sarah Wernly, Susannah Leaver, Dylan W. De Lange…
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2023 13:126
  5. Decisions about life-sustaining therapy (LST) in the intensive care unit (ICU) depend on predictions of survival as well as the expected functional capacity and self-perceived quality of life after discharge, ...

    Authors: Michael Beil, Peter Vernon van Heerden, Gavin M. Joynt, Stephen Lapinsky, Hans Flaatten, Bertrand Guidet, Dylan de Lange, Susannah Leaver, Christian Jung, Daniel Neves Forte, Du Bin, Muhammed Elhadi, Wojciech Szczeklik and Sigal Sviri
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2023 13:107
  6. Little is known about the performance of the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score in older critically ill adults. We aimed to evaluate the prognostic impact of physiological disturbances in the six...

    Authors: Kamil Polok, Jakub Fronczek, Zbigniew Putowski, Marcelina Czok, Bertrand Guidet, Christian Jung, Dylan de Lange, Susannah Leaver, Rui Moreno, Hans Flatten and Wojciech Szczeklik
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2023 13:98
  7. Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) has been commonly used to treat acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19. In this study we aimed to compare outcomes of older critically ill patients treated with NIV before and...

    Authors: Kamil Polok, Jakub Fronczek, Bertrand Guidet, Antonio Artigas, Dylan W. De Lange, Jesper Fjølner, Susannah Leaver, Michael Beil, Sigal Sviri, Raphael Romano Bruno, Bernhard Wernly, Bernardo Bollen Pinto, Joerg C. Schefold, Dorota Studzińska, Michael Joannidis, Sandra Oeyen…
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2023 13:82
  8. In this narrative review, we describe the most important age-related “syndromes” found in the old ICU patients. The syndromes are frailty, comorbidity, cognitive decline, malnutrition, sarcopenia, loss of func...

    Authors: Hélène Vallet, Bertrand Guidet, Ariane Boumendil, Dylan W. De Lange, Susannah Leaver, Wojciech Szczeklik, Christian Jung, Sigal Sviri, Michael Beil and Hans Flaatten
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2023 13:68
  9. Limiting life-sustaining treatment (LST) in the intensive care unit (ICU) by withholding or withdrawing interventional therapies is considered appropriate if there is no expectation of beneficial outcome. Prog...

    Authors: Oded Mousai, Lola Tafoureau, Tamar Yovell, Hans Flaatten, Bertrand Guidet, Michael Beil, Dylan de Lange, Susannah Leaver, Wojciech Szczeklik, Jesper Fjolner, Akiva Nachshon, Peter Vernon van Heerden, Leo Joskowicz, Christian Jung, Gal Hyams and Sigal Sviri
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2023 13:40
  10. This large-scale analysis pools individual data about the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) to predict outcome in the intensive care unit (ICU).

    Authors: Raphael Romano Bruno, Bernhard Wernly, Sean M. Bagshaw, Mark van den Boogaard, Jai N. Darvall, Lina De Geer, Pablo Ruiz de Gopegui Miguelena, Daren K. Heyland, David Hewitt, Aluko A. Hope, Emilie Langlais, Pascale Le Maguet, Carmel L. Montgomery, Dimitrios Papageorgiou, Philippe Seguin, Wytske W. Geense…
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2023 13:37

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