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The 2018 Palu earthquake, tsunami and landslides and the Anak Krakatau tsunami

Edited by: Adam D. Switzer

Geoscience Letters welcomes submissions to the new thematic series 'The 2018 Palu earthquake, tsunami and landslides and the Anak Krakatau tsunami'.

Indonesia experienced two damaging tsunamis in 2018. On September 28, 2018, a Mw 7.8 earthquake occurred near Palu in central Sulawesi. It lead to a large tsunami that destroyed coastal communities around Palu and devastating landslides and areas of liquefaction. Both the tsunami and landsliding in Palu were far larger than expected from the type of fault rupture that created the earthquake and the geomorphology of the embayment. Later in 2018 a volcanic tsunami occurred that was likely generated by a large collapse at Anak Krakatau, Sunda Strait. This thematic series will present new findings from fieldwork, modeling, historical analysis and other investigations into how the natural hazards observed at Palu Bay and around Anak Karakatau were generated, the effects on the ground and on the communities and the process of rebuilding after the event.

  1. Following the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau, a considerable landslide occurred on the southwestern part of the volcano and, upon entering the sea, generated a large tsunami within the Sunda Strait, Indonesia...

    Authors: K. Pakoksung, A. Suppasri, A. Muhari, Syamsidik and F. Imamura
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2020 7:15
  2. On September 28, 2018, the Mw 7.5 earthquake occurred in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This earthquake produced strong tremors, landslides, liquefaction and a tsunami and caused thousands of fatalities an...

    Authors: Pepen Supendi, Andri Dian Nugraha, Sri Widiyantoro, Chalid Idham Abdullah, Nanang T. Puspito, Kadek Hendrawan Palgunadi, D. Daryono and Samsul Hadi Wiyono
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2019 6:18