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Measuring Patient Experiences: What Matters to You?

Edited by: Maria Santana, University of Calgary, Canada

The Editors of Journal of Patient-reported Outcomes are pleased to invite submissions to the journal’s ongoing Thematic Series on Patient-reported Experience Measures (PREMs)

The purpose of this special issue is to provide the current evidence on the use of Patient-reported Experience measurement in healthcare. To reflect the importance of this topic, PREMs has been added to JPRO’s aims and scope. This new addition to the scope includes articles that describe the efforts and impact assessments taken by healthcare systems to improve the experience of patients and their families.

JPRO seeks articles describing what factors may impact patient experiences from a multi-disciplinary perspective including patients, caregivers, families and healthcare providers and quality improvement leaders.

The editors invite submissions which focus on innovative ways to capture and analyse the patient experience from the standardised use of surveys, thought provoking narratives on quality and safety, and new automated tools (Natural Language Processing).

Editorial themes include but are not limited to:

1) History of measuring patient experiences in healthcare

2) The use of patient-reported experience measures in healthcare

3) Relationship between patient-reported outcome and patient-reported experience measures in healthcare

Submissions can be made through Editorial Manager.

  1. Previous research on concepts that are important to people living with early-stage Parkinson’s indicated that ‘functional’ slowness, fine motor skills, and subtle gait abnormalities are cardinal concepts that are...

    Authors: Thomas Morel, Sophie Cleanthous, John Andrejack, Roger A. Barker, Milton Biagioni, Geraldine Blavat, Bastiaan R. Bloem, Babak Boroojerdi, William Brooks, Paul Burns, Stefan Cano, Casey Gallagher, Lesley Gosden, Carroll Siu, Ashley F. Slagle, Natasha Ratcliffe…
    Citation: Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes 2023 7:40
  2. The outlook for patients with metastatic synovial sarcoma (mSS) is poor. Better understanding of patient experience in this setting, beyond clinical measures, may guide improvements in management. Validated pa...

    Authors: Laurie Eliason, Laura Grant, Anya Francis, Anna Cardellino, Ken Culver, Sant P. Chawla, Rob Arbuckle and Shibani Pokras
    Citation: Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes 2022 6:43
  3. Many patients with hand osteoarthritis (HOA) experience reduced health-related quality of life. This study sought to better understand the disease and treatment experience of individuals with HOA, explore any ...

    Authors: Charlotte Panter, Pamela Berry, Deven Chauhan, Sofia Fernandes, Sally Gatsi, Josephine Park, Jane R. Wells and Rob Arbuckle
    Citation: Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes 2021 5:18
  4. Patient Reported Experience Measures are promoted to be used as an integrated measurement approach in which outcomes are used to improve individual care (micro level), organisational quality (meso level) and e...

    Authors: Marjolein van Rooijen, Stephanie Lenzen, Ruth Dalemans, Albine Moser and Anna Beurskens
    Citation: Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes 2020 4:5
  5. Early-stage breast cancer is often treated with breast-conserving therapy (BCT), including lumpectomy with radiation therapy. Patients’ expectations of BCT remain largely unknown. Expectations affect perceptio...

    Authors: Sarah Fuzesi, Karima Becetti, Anne F. Klassen, Mary L. Gemignani and Andrea L. Pusic
    Citation: Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes 2019 3:73