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Positive Computing

  1. Previous research has shown that gratitude positively influences psychological wellbeing and physical health. Grateful people are reported to feel more optimistic and happy, to better mitigate aversive experie...

    Authors: Asma Ghandeharioun, Asaph Azaria, Sara Taylor and Rosalind W. Picard
    Citation: Psychology of Well-Being 2016 6:9
  2. With the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, taking photos has become ubiquitous. This paper investigates how smartphone photography can be leveraged to help individuals increase their positive affect.

    Authors: Yu Chen, Gloria Mark and Sanna Ali
    Citation: Psychology of Well-Being 2016 6:8
  3. Pride is one of the most meaningful experiences in daily life. Many psychological studies emphasize self-oriented and event-based achievements as the main sources of pride, whereas work from organizational man...

    Authors: Yichen Lu and Virpi Roto
    Citation: Psychology of Well-Being 2016 6:6