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Topical Collection on The role of planning towards sustainable urban mobility

In Europe, 74% of the population live and work in cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. This, together with an ageing urban population, has the potential to strengthen problems related to mobility and transport systems. Cities are confronted with the pressing dilemma of how to increase the quality of life in face of these demographic changes. This article collection highlights different areas of concern and proposes a number of solutions. 

Read the accompanying blog post by co-guest editor Hana Brůhová Foltýnová here.

  1. Policy implementation in the logistics sector might drive unexpected side-effects which sometimes undermine the performance of key economic activities of logistics operators, especially in areas such as transp...

    Authors: Konstantinos Papoutsis, Wouter Dewulf, Thierry Vanelslander and Eftihia Nathanail
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2018 10:34
  2. Although seniors represent a sizable group of a population with distinctive travelling needs, we lack knowledge about their travel behaviour related to usage of public transport in the context of Eastern Europ...

    Authors: Michal Šimeček, Vít Gabrhel, Marek Tögel and Michal Lazor
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2018 10:16
  3. A family of innovative financial mechanisms and tools for urban public transport, based on the value increment caused by enhanced accessibility, are lately gaining much popularity as a solution to the challeng...

    Authors: Anastasia Roukouni, Cathy Macharis, Socrates Basbas, Basil Stephanis and George Mintsis
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2018 10:14
  4. This paper presents an analytical model to contrast the carbon emissions from a number of goods delivery methods. This includes individuals travelling to the store by car, and delivery trucks delivering to hom...

    Authors: Anne Goodchild, Erica Wygonik and Nathan Mayes
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2017 10:8
  5. This paper proposes an innovative approach to decision-making processes for urban freight planning that could easily be transferred across cities while capable of jointly taking into account: (1) all the conce...

    Authors: Valerio Gatta, Edoardo Marcucci and Michela Le Pira
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2017 9:32
  6. European Commission has promoted actions and policies with the aim of reducing the negative impacts on traffic and environment caused by city logistics. One increasingly popular measure is the use of cargo bik...

    Authors: Sandra Melo and Patrícia Baptista
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2017 9:30