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Special issue on Quantum Magnetometers

  1. Spatial quantitative information about magnetic nanoparticle (MNP) distributions is a prerequisite for biomedical applications like magnetic hyperthermia and magnetic drug targeting. This information can be ga...

    Authors: Aaron Jaufenthaler, Volkmar Schultze, Theo Scholtes, Christian B. Schmidt, Michael Handler, Ronny Stolz and Daniel Baumgarten
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2020 7:12
  2. An array of 21 first-order gradiometers based on zero-field optically-pumped magnetometers is demonstrated for use in magnetoencephalography. Sensors are oriented radially with respect to the head and housed i...

    Authors: N. V. Nardelli, A. R. Perry, S. P. Krzyzewski and S. A. Knappe
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2020 7:11
  3. We consider the interaction of a magnetically trapped Bose–Einstein condensate of Rubidium atoms with the stationary microwave radiation field sustained by a coplanar waveguide resonator. This coupling allows ...

    Authors: Orsolya Kálmán and Peter Domokos
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2020 7:2