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Special Issue on Quantum Metrology & Quantum Enhanced Measurement

  1. Quantum phase estimation is a paradigmatic problem in quantum sensing and metrology. Here we show that adaptive methods based on classical machine learning algorithms can be used to enhance the precision of qu...

    Authors: Nelson Filipe Costa, Yasser Omar, Aidar Sultanov and Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:16

    The Correction to this article has been published in EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:17

  2. Silicon photomultipliers are photon-number-resolving detectors endowed with hundreds of cells enabling them to reveal high-populated quantum optical states. In this paper, we address such a goal by showing the...

    Authors: Silvia Cassina, Alessia Allevi, Valerio Mascagna, Michela Prest, Erik Vallazza and Maria Bondani
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:4
  3. The challenges faced in a comparison of measuring the detection efficiency of free-running InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche detectors (InGaAs/InP SPAD) were studied by four European National Metrology Instit...

    Authors: M. López, A. Meda, G. Porrovecchio, R. A. Starkwood (Kirkwood), M. Genovese, G. Brida, M. Šmid, C. J. Chunnilall, I. P. Degiovanni and S. Kück
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2020 7:14