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Recent Advances in Cybersecurity

Societies in today’s world are becoming more and more dependent on open networks such as Internet where commercial activities, business transactions and government services are realized. This has led to the fast development of new cyber threats and information security issues which are utilized by cyber criminals. Mistrust for telecommunications and computer network technologies have tremendous socio-economic impacts on global enterprises as well as individuals. Moreover, the occurrence of international frauds often requires the investigation of facts that occur across international borders. They are also often subject to different jurisdictions and legal systems. The increased complexity of the communication and networking infrastructure is making preventing of cyber-crimes difficult therefore new approaches for cybersecurity are desired.

Edited by: Krzysztof Szczypiorski, Wojciech Mazurczyk and Artur Janicki

  1. The encryption of network traffic complicates legitimate network monitoring, traffic analysis, and network forensics. In this paper, we present real-time lightweight identification of HTTPS clients based on ne...

    Authors: Martin Husák, Milan Čermák, Tomáš Jirsík and Pavel Čeleda
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Information Security 2016 2016:6
  2. Aiming at the existing IP geolocation approaches does not consider the errors of landmarks and delay; a new geolocation approach-utilized landmark calibration is proposed in this paper. At first, we find out t...

    Authors: Jingning Chen, Fenlin Liu, Xiangyang Luo, Fan Zhao and Guang Zhu
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Information Security 2016 2016:4
  3. This paper develops a retrieval scheme for encrypted JPEG images based on a Markov process. In our scheme, the stream cipher and permutation encryption are combined to encrypt discrete cosine transform (DCT) c...

    Authors: Hang Cheng, Xinpeng Zhang, Jiang Yu and Fengyong Li
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Information Security 2016 2016:1