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Recent Advances in Inequalities and Applications

This thematic series originates the "International conference on applied analysis and mathematical modelling" (ICAAMM2015) jointly organized by Yildiz Technical University, University Putra Malaysia and the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. The conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey on 8-12 June 2015.

The goal of the conference was to bring together active researchers from Mathematics, Physics and Engineering to showcase their state-of-the-art research results and hopefully to forge new cross-disciplinary interactions among the participants. The conference provided a unique opportunity for in-depth technical discussions and exchange of ideas in Mathematics and Engineering, as well as exploring the potential of their applications in natural and social sciences, engineering, technology, industry and finance.

Edited by: Mustafa Bayram, Adem Kilicman and Aydin Secer

  1. We prove some almost sure central limit theorems for the maxima of strongly dependent nonstationary Gaussian vector sequences under some mild conditions. The results extend the ASCLT to nonstationary Gaussian ...

    Authors: Xiang Zeng and Qunying Wu
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2016 2016:159
  2. In this paper, we investigate the radial addition and Blaschke addition and get some new Brunn-Minkowski inequalities associated with dual quermassintegrals and chord integral for star bodies.

    Authors: Yanxiong Yan, Liangcai Zhang and Min Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2016 2016:145
  3. A unicyclic graph is a connected graph whose number of edges is equal to the number of vertices. Fan et al. (Discrete Math. 313:903-909, 2013) and Liu et al. (Electron. J. Linear Algebra 26:333-344, 2013) determi...

    Authors: Shu-Guang Guo, Xiaorong Liu, Rong Zhang and Guanglong Yu
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2016 2016:136
  4. In this paper, a kind of infinite, local finite tree T, named a controlled tree, is introduced. Some strong limit properties, such as the strong law of large numbers and the asymptotic equipartition property, for...

    Authors: Weicai Peng, Jie Liu, Yongchao Hou, Peishu Chen and Jueping Bu
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2016 2016:79
  5. In this article, we investigate complete convergence and complete moment convergence for weighted sums of arrays of rowwise asymptotically negatively associated (ANA) random variables. The results obtained not...

    Authors: Haiwu Huang, Jiangyan Peng, Xiongtao Wu and Bin Wang
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2016 2016:72
  6. In this paper, we consider the global existence and boundedness of solutions for a certain nonlinear integro-differential equation of second order with multiple constant delays. We obtain some new sufficient c...

    Authors: Cemil Tunç and Timur Ayhan
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2016 2016:46