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Raman Spectroscopies: Techniques and Applications

This thematics series is devoted to new techniques and novel instrumentation in Raman spectroscopies and their application across a broad range of subjects, from materials science to biology and biomedicine.
The goal is to provide an overview of the state-of-the art and to highlight recent developments in the field of Raman spectroscopic techniques, which are making significant impact as characterization tools and are enhancing our understanding of structural aspects, both in time and space resolutions, across a wide range of disciplines and applications.​​​​​​​
Edited by: Tony Parker, Siva Umapathy and Ioan Notingher

  1. Raman spectrometry is a powerful technique for the rapid identification of most minerals and organic chemicals without sample preparation. In this context, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA selected a R...

    Authors: K. Motamedi, AP Colin, JH Hooijschuur, O. Postma, R. Lootens, D. Pruijser, R. Stoevelaar, F. Ariese, I B. Hutchinson, R Ingley and GR Davies
    Citation: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 2015 2:15
  2. Stem cell therapy is widely acknowledged as a key medical technology of the 21st century which may provide treatments for many currently incurable diseases. These cells have an enormous potential for cell repl...

    Authors: Adrian Ghita, Flavius C Pascut, Virginie Sottile, Chris Denning and Ioan Notingher
    Citation: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 2015 2:6
  3. We present an experimental set-up permitting Raman and luminescence spectroscopy studies in a commercial Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS) from Quantum Design. Using this experimental set-up, gaseo...

    Authors: Matthias Hudl, Peter Lazor, Roland Mathieu, Alexander G Gavriliuk and Viktor V Struzhkin
    Citation: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 2015 2:3