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Reconfigurable Computing and Hardware/Software Codesign

  1. Research Article

    Exploiting Process Locality of Reference in RTL Simulation Acceleration

    With the increased size and complexity of digital designs, the time required to simulate them has also increased. Traditional simulation accelerators utilize FPGAs in a static configuration, but this paper pre...

    Aric D Blumer and Cameron D Patterson

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2008:369040

    Published on: 11 December 2007

  2. Research Article

    Design Flow Instantiation for Run-Time Reconfigurable Systems: A Case Study

    Reconfigurable system is a promising alternative to deliver both flexibility and performance at the same time. New reconfigurable technologies and technology-dependent tools have been developed, but a complete...

    Yang Qu, Kari Tiensyrjä, Juha-Pekka Soininen and Jari Nurmi

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2008:856756

    Published on: 20 November 2007

  3. Research Article

    DART: A Functional-Level Reconfigurable Architecture for High Energy Efficiency

    Flexibility becomes a major concern for the development of multimedia and mobile communication systems, as well as classical high-performance and low-energy consumption constraints. The use of general-purpose ...

    Sébastien Pillement, Olivier Sentieys and Raphaël David

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2008:562326

    Published on: 31 October 2007