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Special Issue on investigating the effect of COVID-19 disruption in education using REDS data

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This is a Special Issue on the educational disruption due to the COVID-19 crisis in different areas of the world, as well as on the responses of national governments, schools, teachers, students and their families. Papers should empirically analyse data available in the REDS database, providing new evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on students, teachers or schools. 

  1. The global outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus presented a significant threat to students’ well-being across the globe. In this paper, we construct a measure of student psychological distress related to COVID...

    Authors: Mojca Rožman, Yuan-Ling Liaw and Minge Chen
    Citation: Large-scale Assessments in Education 2023 11:38
  2. Students with disabilities generally experience educational inequities around the world. The coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic likely exacerbated these inequities in access, resources, and support as school...

    Authors: Alexandra Shelton and Tuba Gezer
    Citation: Large-scale Assessments in Education 2023 11:34
  3. The COVID-19 pandemic brought immense challenges to global society. The entire social and work life had to be reorganized to accommodate for the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19. These rest...

    Authors: Plamen V. Mirazchiyski and Eva Klemenčič Mirazchiyski
    Citation: Large-scale Assessments in Education 2023 11:23
  4. The Covid-19 pandemic coerced the closure of most schools around the world and forced teachers and students to change teaching and learning methods. Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) generated consequences to te...

    Authors: Melisa L. Diaz Lema, Lidia Rossi and Mara Soncin
    Citation: Large-scale Assessments in Education 2023 11:10
  5. This paper investigates how the COVID-19 school closure has affected the gender gap in grade-8 students' performance and what are the drivers behind this. By analysing four different countries (i.e., the Russi...

    Authors: Alice Bertoletti, Federico Biagi, Giorgio Di Pietro and Zbigniew Karpiński
    Citation: Large-scale Assessments in Education 2023 11:6
  6. Remote learning, or synchronous or asynchronous instruction provided to students outside the classroom, was a common strategy used by schools to ensure learning continuity for their students when many school b...

    Authors: Alec I. Kennedy, Ana María Mejía-Rodríguez and Andrés Strello
    Citation: Large-scale Assessments in Education 2022 10:29