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Recent Trends on Boundary Value Problems and Related Topics

This thematic series hosts select papers presented in ICAAA2012-Istanbul. This issue is focused on recent trends and new ideas in the area on boundary value problems and related topics.

Edited by: Allaberen Ashyralyev and Mustafa Bayram

  1. In recent years, many approaches have been utilized for finding the exact solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations. One such method is known as the first integral method and was proposed by Feng. ...

    Authors: Hossein Jafari, Rahmat Soltani, Chaudry Masood Khalique and Dumitru Baleanu
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2013 2013:117
  2. In this paper we propose a new method for solving the mixed boundary value problem for the Laplace equation in unbounded multiply connected regions. All simple closed curves making up the boundary are divided ...

    Authors: Samer AA Al-Hatemi, Ali HM Murid and Mohamed MS Nasser
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2013 2013:54
  3. In this paper, we make use of the four functionals fixed point theorem to verify the existence of at least one symmetric positive solution of a second-order m-point boundary value problem on time scales such that...

    Authors: Fatma Tokmak and Ilkay Yaslan Karaca
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2013 2013:52
  4. An analysis is carried out to study the heat transfer characteristics of steady two-dimensional stagnation-point flow of a copper (Cu)-water nanofluid over a permeable stretching/shrinking sheet. The stretchin...

    Authors: Norfifah Bachok, Anuar Ishak, Roslinda Nazar and Norazak Senu
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2013 2013:39
  5. The present analysis considers the steady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) laminar boundary layer flow of an incompressible electrically conducting fluid caused by a continuous moving wedge in a parallel free stream ...

    Authors: Khamisah Jafar, Roslinda Nazar, Anuar Ishak and Ioan Pop
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2013 2013:20
  6. In this study, the mathematical modeling for stagnation point flow over a stretching surface with convective boundary conditions is considered. The transformed boundary layer equations are solved numerically u...

    Authors: Muhammad Khairul Anuar Mohamed, Mohd Zuki Salleh, Roslinda Nazar and Anuar Ishak
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2013 2013:4
  7. In this paper, an optimal control problem was taken up for a stationary equation of quasi optic. For the stationary equation of quasi optic, at first judgment relating to the existence and uniqueness of a boun...

    Authors: Yusuf Koçak and Ercan Çelik
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2012 2012:151
  8. In this paper, the conservation laws for a generalized Ito-type coupled Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) system are constructed by increasing the order of the partial differential equations. The generalized Ito-type co...

    Authors: Edward Tshepo Mogorosi, Ben Muatjetjeja and Chaudry Masood Khalique
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2012 2012:150
  9. This paper deals with a viscoelastic beam obeying a fractional differentiation constitutive law. The governing equation is derived from the viscoelastic material model. The equation of motion is solved by usin...

    Authors: D Dönmez Demir, N Bildik and BG Sinir
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2012 2012:135
  10. A powerful technique based on the sinc-Galerkin method is presented for obtaining numerical solutions of second-order nonlinear Dirichlet-type boundary value problems (BVPs). The method is based on approximati...

    Authors: Aydin Secer, Muhammet Kurulay, Mustafa Bayram and Mehmet Ali Akinlar
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2012 2012:117