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The SEAHA-CDT collection

This collection showcases selected research papers from early-career researchers working at the SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training. This EPSRC-funded centre was established in 2014 by Oxford University, the University of Brighton and University College London along with numerous cultural institutions and industry partners. The research carried out in SEAHA involves all the aspects of heritage science, from environments to imaging technologies, from materials science to digital heritage.

Papers selected by the Guest Editor as examples of the high quality research being performed at the SEAHA-CDT are invited to be submitted as part of this article collection in Heritage Science.

Editor: Dr Josep Grau-Bove

  1. Research article

    Characterisation of 19th and 20th century Chinese paper

    The chemical and physical properties of 19th and 20th century Chinese papers were investigated using a variety of material characterisation methods. A reference collection of 178 Chinese papers, dating from 17...

    Natalie Brown, Dirk Lichtblau, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič

    Heritage Science 2017 5:47

    Published on: 24 November 2017

  2. Review

    Preserving rapid prototypes: a review

    Rapid Prototyping (RP) has revolutionized the world of manufacturing. It has gained popularity among designers and artists, having developed from a visualization tool to a manufacturing tool for end-use produc...

    Carolien Coon, Boris Pretzel, Tom Lomax and Matija Strlič

    Heritage Science 2016 4:40

    Published on: 22 November 2016

  3. Research article

    Material properties of Islamic paper

    In contrast to scientific research focussing on European paper, there is a significant gap in our knowledge of Islamic papermaking. This research surveys the evidence of techniques and materials typically used...

    Hend Mahgoub, Tiphaine Bardon, Dirk Lichtblau, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič

    Heritage Science 2016 4:34

    Published on: 7 November 2016